Monday, February 27, 2012

NEW prints! maybe some old ones too...

commissioned drawing for a wedding invitation by Karen Berger of San Lucia Press Portland, OR

John Wayne silk screen

thesis drawing

thesis drawing

I have a lot more thesis drawings, but some of the files are to large and I dont really feel like down sizing them all in one sitting. be patient my friends. I will post the final selected set when finished. (There are 51 total drawings and only 20 or so of them are going to be turned into silk screens, at least for the thesis project).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

something new...

back of you must work hard print to the lower right.
front of a mantra to live by in the upper left
Series of 400 prints (letterpress and silkscreen 7"x7") distributed to students of Pacific Northwest College of Art to help them through their finals and Final Thesis Defenses and Proposals.
Also, for Yoshi.

ps. there is one more part to the series

back to the roses you must work hard on the lower right

front to the mantra to live by print in the upper left

Old paintings....

some old paintings from last 2009-2010
exploring light

assignment about the retelling of a dream

paint the blues (Howlin' Wolf)

paint an exterior/interior

let dead dogs lie

paint the alphabet

i miss intaglio.

aquatint is one of the most magical things you will ever experience in your life.
*etching, aquatint, on discarded plates printed on American Masters archival paper by Morgan Bass*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


seven layer silk screen on canvas bag
all from original hand drawn images


letter press book i made for my intermediate letterpress and relief class
used: polymer plate, wood type, and silk screening


A print made for the print exchange arranged by San Lucia Press (Karen Berger)
3 layer reduction lino cut